Curriculum Manager

The Position

We are seeking an experienced curriculum writer and content development professional to join our Content and Product team as a Curriculum Manager.

Do you have a passion for the intersection of business and ministry and a background in curriculum development and copywriting? We are looking for a Curriculum Manager to develop our monthly curriculum, seminars, videos, e-books, white papers, tools, and published books. This role will also support content development for C12’s biennial CURRENT conference.

The ideal candidate will have a background in business or organizational development, gifts in teaching and training, and a solid understanding of biblical doctrine and theology. Additionally, the ideal candidate will possess a high proficiency in developing business curricula, instructional design, principles in adult learning, and the ability to write for an executive audience. Following a deadline-driven production schedule, the skills to manage multiple content and curriculum projects at the same time are also essential.

This position will report to the Director of Content and Product. The position is based at C12HQ in San Antonio, TX, with a hybrid work environment. C12 is willing to consider a remote situation for the right candidate. For local candidates, travel is anticipated at <5%.

Outcomes & Activities

Curriculum Development & Writing (70%)

  • Manage the monthly curriculum process from ideation through writing to final delivery. Each monthly curriculum set is developed over a five-month production schedule and includes collaboration with subject matter experts (SMEs), a committee of facilitators, graphic designers, copy editors, video and audio contractors, freelance writers, strategic alliances, and other team members
  • Organize the yearly Curriculum Summit, a one-day brainstorming session to ideate C12 core products and future curriculum topics based on member surveys and business trend data
  • Facilitate the monthly curriculum kick-off meetings to establish the vision, learning objectives, SMEs, video case studies, and necessary sources of each segment
  • Conduct research (books, articles, Scripture, podcasts, SMEs, etc.) and write initial drafts of the curriculum including devotional, ministry, and business segments. Continue to refine drafts following stakeholder input to develop a final product that is relevant, concise, clear, actionable, accurate, engaging, compelling, and free of errors
  • Develop the ancillary curriculum materials, including slide decks, audio recordings, executive summaries, partner resources, and facilitation training
  • Maintain overlapping curriculum production schedules to ensure timely delivery

Case-Study Video Content (15%)

  • Perform initial discovery interviews for story-based videos and instructional videos to support curriculum goals
  • Develop the creative direction for videos and coordinate a shoot with videographer(s)
  • Collaborate on post-production editing and video captions
  • Manage production schedule to ensure timely delivery.

Product Development (15 %)

  • Develop and update C12 products as envisioned by C12 executive team to build brand awareness and a thought leadership position for C12, including but not limited to, published trade books, e-books, white papers, podcasts, articles, tools, workbooks, slide decks, webinars, workshops, and seminars
  • Support the production of the biennial CURRENT conference, including the development of speaker content and printed materials
  • Collaborate with strategic partners and third-party publications to co-develop content that serves mutual audiences
  • Maintain and uphold content governance guidelines to ensure consistent use of philosophy, voice, and style
  • Ensure quality, clarity, and consistency across all communications

Position Requirements:

The ideal candidate will bring an aptitude for writing and content development and the ability to work on simultaneous projects alongside a team of creative peers, contractors, and vendors. They would also possess:

  • A bachelor’s degree in business, organizational development, education, biblical studies, or a related field of study.
  • 5+ years of professional experience in curriculum development and/or content creation
  • Demonstrated ability to research, understand, and identify learning needs for an executive audience
  • Familiarity with ideas of faith/work integration, vocational discipleship, and missional business and associated praxis

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Advanced degree(s) in business, organizational development, education, or biblical studies preferred
  • A background in organizational development, leadership development theory, and executive business experience preferred
  • Driven by results, grit, resourcefulness, and an entrepreneurial spirit
  • An understanding of Christian ministry, doctrine, and biblical studies preferred
  • Experience in instructional design and adult learning preferred
  • Proofreading abilities a plus

C12HQ Overview

Founded in 1992, C12 operates Business Forums around the globe for Christian CEOs, Key Players, and business leaders. Structured as a franchisor, we support more than 160 full-time Chairs who operate hundreds of Forums representing 3,400+ dues-paying members. Our HQ team provides systems, tools, curriculum, group formats, marketing, training, accountability, and execution support for the Chairs and Members.

C12 members participate in monthly meetings with peers for leadership development, accountability, wise counsel, and best practices to lead Businesses as a Ministry (BaaM). The content we provide equips them to achieve measurable results in the five core areas of business: organizational development, operations, financial management, revenue generation, and ministry, all anchored around a Christ-honoring cultural paradigm (mission/vision/values).

Currently operating in 38 US states, over 120 US metropolitan areas as well as markets in SE Asia and Brazil, C12 has a 2025 vision plan to increase membership to over 5,000, Chair community to over 250 while adding 25 new US markets and multiple non-US market launches. The scaling of the C12 mission towards the near and long term vision requires incredibly talented and committed team members bringing a full “5C” (character, competency, calling, contribution and chemistry) readiness to be part of this endeavor.

Our Mission

We exist to equip Christian CEOs and owners to build great businesses for a greater purpose.

Our Vision

To change the world by advancing the gospel in the marketplace.

Our Values

Our mission compels us to do all things in a replicating way where we are fostering disciple-making disciples of Jesus in the marketplace. Our core values shape how we behave and go about fulfilling our mission and the accountability parameters around innovation and execution.

  • Results Matter: God measures results, and so should we.
  • Gratitude: We embrace our calling in light of God’s grace with thanksgiving.
  • Pressing On: We operate with a zeal for God’s best in all things, never settling, coasting, or quitting.
  • Camaraderie: We joyfully serve as a cadre, embracing God’s call to unity in Christ.
  • Humility: We desire God’s best and are always open to learning and correction.
  • Bema Mindset: We operate as stewards with eternal accountability in everything.

Additionally, within C12HQ, we embody the pursuit of Buffalo Culture, which undergirds C12’s core values and mission. You can read more about the “culture code” at

Key Intangible Characteristics of the Ideal Candidate

Called: A passion for our mission and a sense that this role and company are a strong fit for the gifts, talents, passions, and experiences with which God has entrusted this person. Must be mission-motivated with a resolve to overcome obstacles, anchored in a sense of purpose in this work.

Servant Leadership: Nobody is above any task, and we are all here to serve others. Every customer—internal or external—needs help, and the most powerful way to lead will be to serve.

Learning and Adaptive: As a small business with a big mission scaling rapidly, new systems, technology, and situational adaptability are typical and expected. This person must have an appetite for learning and skill improvement.

Grit, Determination, & Resourcefulness: Not everything will have a pre-planned solution. This person will have to be resourceful in figuring things out, resist feeling overwhelmed, and be willing to roll up their sleeves to make things happen. This person will have to have an open mind and good resolve, whether it’s looping in other people, finding tools online, or seeking best practices.

Organizational Skills: We serve a God of order and creativity but live in a world of chaos and confusion. This person gets to help bring the Kingdom of God to the office by being a constant organizational force. It will require a capacity for seeing patterns, discerning better processes, and prioritizing and systemizing for improved outcomes.

Chemistry Fit: We have a unique and fun culture—we laugh, tease in love, press in, work hard, and jump in to figure things out. Fitting into the team chemistry is essential, particularly on a lean team!

High Character: We operate with a high trust culture. Personal values must fuel our work. Integrity, honesty, compassion, reconciliation, and diligence are all things this person must possess to flourish.

Energy & Enthusiasm: This person must bring joy and passion for work to the job. Encouraging and spurring on others on the mission while being self-motivated and positive is essential.

Multitasking: This is not a steady-state or static environment. Workflow will cycle, and interruptions are normal, so this person must be able to juggle and adjust on the fly.

Project Management: While multitasking, this person must be able to keep an eye on deadlines and critical dependencies, working to preserve them or source support proactively.

Our People Strategy

We are in the people business! While we can never reach a perfect organizational model, we can strive towards it in our daily efforts and mission. With that vision comes a focus on key initiatives, listed here with the indicators of success.

Shared Direction: A collective understanding of what the organization stands for, where it is going, and how we will get there. Indicators: a clear, inspiring vision, well-executed strategies, and aligned goals.

Authentic Values: Deeply held principles guiding all decisions and relationships and reflected in the conduct of everyone at all times. Indicators: high levels of trust and communications, uncompromising integrity and ethics, socially responsible practices.

Productive Relationships: Open, collaborative relationships that recognize and honor the commitments that people make to themselves, each other, their work, and the organization.

Indicators: respect for all individuals, effective problem solving and decision-making, transparent accountability, effective teamwork at all levels.

Liberating Processes: Flexible structures, processes, and technologies that allow people to do their best work and collaborate effectively across boundaries. Indicators: clear organizational design, collective knowledge, the right tools and technologies, and the right people performing the right jobs.

Outcome Learning: Results-focused learning that strengthens individual and organizational capacity to cope with the present and define the future. Indicators: continuous teaching and learning, knowledge and skills development, leadership development at all levels.

Motivating Metrics: Fair, meaningful performance requirements that measure, reinforce, and reward high performance and manage poor performance. Indicators: clear and energizing performance requirements, relevant work measures, differentiating rewards.