C12 Chair


Originally from Canada, Allen brings over 30 years of practitioner’s experience in business operations, voice and data communications, process development, and organizational builds, across various industries in multiple countries. After years in domestic and international corporate positions Allen launched an independent coaching practice while completing his MBA at Arizona State University in 2005. Consulting engagements at the executive and senior management level, business operations, and across functional areas within organizations have contributed to his skills in Organizational Development and Change Management. Allen identifies a significant career marker as Sr. Vice President, Client Services and his part in launching a global operations center in India for World Network Services, a subsidiary of British Airways. This strategic initiative was part of British Airways response to 9/11. Today, WNS operates internationally in business process outsourcing (BPO) with 30,000 FTEs in over 30 countries. Allen has continued to augment his practitioner’s skillset by completing a PhD in Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology. This has allowed Allen to delve deeper into the development of leader-follower relationships. Allen’s relocation to Middle Tennessee in 2021 was done with the intention of serving God’s eternal purpose with a focus on helping businesses incorporate ministry into their organizations.

Territories Served