C12 Chair


For more than 40 years, Griff has served as a senior level marketing strategist and leader to established, reorganizing and emerging companies covering industries such as publishing, high-speed motion analysis, civil engineering, manufacturing, service providers and consulting firms. In each, he managed various sales, marketing, and strategy functions. Griff recently retired as the Dean of the Hoff School of Business at Corban University. His Serving-leader Attitude book was used as a text in the MBA class on leadership. He holds a Master’s in Education Administration, with post-graduate work in marketing, law, linguistics, and theatre. Griff is known as an expert at organizational and market clarity and credits his theater background for providing the foundational skill sets necessary to help companies collaborate more effectively (the script), resulting in the delivery of customer-centric thinking (delighting your audience), and yielding profitable results (the box-office). Griff believes that for a business to be effective the “corporate” heart (Values/Vision/Mission) must be in sync with the corporate “mouth” (marketing and sales). Griff has a unique ability to assist a company in articulating their purpose, goals, core values and strategy adding a biblical perspective – even in a secular setting. The results are energized, cohesive teams that can clearly communicate where the firm is going and how each person plays a role in implementing strategy. His management experience has led to insights he developed for his published materials including three books and a dozen booklets on business and leadership. He has served startup and emerging companies in a consultant capacity as VP of Marketing and COO. He is married to Margaret Ann (Richards) Lindell and they have three adult children, two grandchildren and, in 2018, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

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