C12 Chair


John Wiseman is the Managing Chair for the C12 Group in Northern Colorado. John was born in Ohio but is now a dual US/Canadian citizen who has lived and worked in both countries. He has served in Executive and P&L management positions in both for-profit and non-profit companies. John’s passion is to invite business CEOs and owners into confidential peer advisory groups. He has observed how these groups can improve business practices, dispel the loneliness that often accompanies business leadership and provide a platform for discovering and practicing the higher purpose of extending the Kingdom of God.Prior to being called to be a C12 Managing Chair in the Colorado region, John served as the President of Corpath Business Forums – an Executive Coaching firm located in Denver’s sister city – Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Just before joining Corpath, John spent a number of years leading a human resource consulting company which served the Oil & Gas, Agriculture and Education sectors. During this time, he gained experience in employee recruitment, selection and onboarding; organizational effectiveness, and team building.John pulls upon his people practice expertise, as he guides business Executives through the C12 proprietary business forum experience. He has seen firsthand how combining an advisory group experience with one-on-one executive coaching, and committing to mutual accountability helps leaders take their business and ministry impact to the next level.John has two children, one lives in Canada, and one lives in the USA – which, he says, is appropriate for a dual-citizen father.

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