God’s Initial Calling

  • Buck began his journey as a trainer for Fellowship of Companies for Christ International (FCCI). During this time, he saw significant turnover, inconsistent outcomes and a need for integrated guidance within the business setting. He sought to take these challenges and bring them together with Jesus in the center of the mission. 
  • What if you could take the professionalism and quality of peer groups like Vistage and develop a framework that included Jesus and the eternal perspective? Can we bring these things together with BSF-like consistency? This was the growing desire that led to the experiment. The advisory board that led him through this ultimately became the advisor for the new “Christian Twelve Group.” 
  • Coming out of the idea of being for-profit there was an idea of creating owner groups that had qualifications. 
    • Since we are about Business AS a Ministry, we wanted people to start doing the ministry and making radical things happen. We wanted the qualifications to be outside of the meetings and not only in the meetings. 
  • We wanted our product to be consistent. We asked ourselves: will they come for it? Will they pay for it? And will they stay for it? And after a year would there be fruit in their lives, business, and ministry such that we would say it is worth getting better at? At the end of the first year, 85% renewed and 100% of people had radical changes that made them hungry for more.