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Becoming an International C12 Chair

We can’t achieve our vision without adding new C12 Chairs who can serve more CEOs, business owners, and their Key Players. We are looking for leaders interested in pioneering C12 in new markets around the country (and world), or joining an existing team.

Learn more about the role of an International C12 Chair

Introduction to C12

Roles & Responsibilities

Territory Requirements

Scenarios for Becoming a C12 Chair

Pioneer a Market

We have identified several markets around the globe as viable for a successful C12 practice. To launch in one of those new markets, an International Principal Chair is responsible for purchasing a C12 License, retaining equity ownership while perpetually serving and maximizing the market to its full stewardship potential.

Join an Existing Team

The demand in the marketplace currently exceeds our capacity to serve. If C12 already operates in your territory, you can join a team of Chairs with momentum but capacity constraints.

FAQs about the role of a C12 Chair

Typically, C12 Chairs are men and women that have over 10 years of business ownership, C-level, or senior executive business leadership experience and have led teams of 10 or more people. But, there is so much more that is evaluated as part of the candidate vetting process. Becoming a C12 Chair is truly a calling to the marketplace for those who are searching for a culmination of their passion for business and business leaders with a strong desire to see the gospel advance in the marketplace. We walk alongside you in the discernment process.

Not everyone is well-suited to become a C12 Chair. That’s why we have a detailed mutual-discernment process that begins with a discovery call with our C12HQ recruiting team. However, being a Chair is a full-time endeavor and all candidates must in some stage of exiting or succeeding from their current role. Sometimes, that may be a consideration years down the road or just a few months away. Typically, C12 Chairs have over 10 years of business leadership experience and have led teams of 10 or more people. But, there is so much more that we evaluate as part of the candidate vetting process.

As a C12 Chair, you take on a curator and facilitator role. C12 has a wealth of relevant and applicable content. Combine that with the diverse perspectives and experiences of the members around the table and you are leading an incredibly powerful experience. However, the Chair is not expected to be the sole expert, instructor, or the consultant in the meeting. Their responsibility is to orchestrate a high-performace, high-accountability experience backed by a proven format, world-class content, and the power of peers.

Principal Chairs who launch in a new market are independent business owners who purchase a C12 franchise by making an initial investment. C12 membership dues are a fee-for-service paid directly to the Chair monthly and a small portion of that is paid to C12HQ for ongoing resources, training, support, and materials. There are also opportunities for qualified candidates to join an existing team under their franchise or even purchase a franchise in a succession or retirement scenario. Most Chairs after 6-12 months of developing their Business Forums are making a professional income.

Resource Library

Chair Resource Library

As part of the mutual discernment process, we invite Chair candidates to review our Missionpreneur resources: the Vision, two e-books that dive deeper, and the Ideal Candidate Profile.

Free Tools for CEOs and Business Leaders

As an executive business leader, it is likely you know how difficult it can be to lead through change, crisis, or challenges. You also hopefully know the joy that comes from setting your team up for success. Visit our Tools page below for access to free tools that will help guide you as you navigate your business.

Free E-books for CEOs and Business Leaders

In addition to numerous free tools, we also encourage leaders to download and read our free e-books that cover a variety of business as a ministry topics and provide resources that will help you lean into challenges and leverage the opportunities of today’s marketplace.

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C12 Chairs unleash exponential impact that begins with their members and spans exponentially to employees, families, and communities. By facilitating peer learning and counseling one-on-one, they nurture business stewardship, work-life balance, strong relationship, and spiritual growth.

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