Join other CEOs and business leaders in Central Arkansas who are building great businesses for a greater purpose.

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It can be lonely at the top, but it doesn’t have to be.

We know leaders limit their potential when they lead from isolation. But, when surrounded by trusted advisors with a common goal and a biblical worldview, they can maximize performance and energize cultures. With faith as the foundation, this powerful group of peers meet in an exclusive, confidential forums in central Arkansas to have their questions answered and their answers questioned.


Business Forum Leaders in the Central Arkansas Area


Dee has over 30 years of experience in engineering and business leadership. He co-founded Brown Engineers, an electrical, mechanical, and…


Dee has over 30 years of experience in engineering and business leadership. He co-founded Brown Engineers, an electrical, mechanical, and automation engineering consulting firm in Little Rock, AR. As a co-founder, Dee has designed award-winning, major automation and controls systems, including city-wide Supervisory Control Systems for utilities and the manufacturing sectors.

He has helped lead Brown Engineers to be a Circle of Excellence award winner which identifies the best-in-class architecture and engineering firms demonstrating outstanding achievements in areas such as profitability, staff growth, cash flow, business development, and turnover.

Dee loves the local church. He serves as an Elder at his church and serves on the board of the CityChurch Network of Arkansas, which develops leaders and seeks to unite churches for the good of the city. Knowing home is his first area of impact, he partnered with his wife, Kim, to intentionally pour into their three children. Their children have developed their own passion for a personal relationship with Christ, and the older two have launched their own businesses, the youngest will attend Baylor University this fall.

Dee is a dedicated life-long learner and is a Fellow at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. It has been this experience and his commitment to honing his skills as a learner and leader that has created a drive to disciple, mentor, and teach others about living an intentional life as an art of walking with God in key areas of Biblical Leadership Development and Christian Worldview.

Dee’s proven capabilities and faithful stewardship unleashes the power of the C12 platform, along with his gifts for facilitation and insightful inquiry, to spur business leaders to build GREAT Businesses for a GREATER purpose in central Arkansas.

“C12 is everything I was looking for and more of what I didn’t know I needed. My peers challenge me in my blind spots, love me in hard times, and encourage me to glorify God in the way I lead my team. It’s a home for business leaders.”

Brittany Zeller, founder and director of Tiny Feet Early Intervention / South Carolina C12 member

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