Utilizing SWOT, PESTEL, and Five Forces Analyses in Your Strategic Planning

C12 CEO Mike Sharrow


Over the years, thought leaders in strategic planning have developed various analytic instruments to help leaders take a critical look at the environment in which our companies operate. The SWOT, PESTEL, and Five Forces analyses are widely used to identify opportunities and threats we may not see in the fog of daily business activities. In this video, C12 CEO Mike Sharrow breaks down how and when to use these tools in our strategic planning processes.

C12’s Strategic Planning Guide contains a comprehensive set of tools to equip CEOs and Christian business owners to design a two to three-day strategic planning offsite for their executive teams. Anchored in best practices and biblical principles, the guide contains a step-by-step process for both novice and veteran planners to adapt as is appropriate in their situations. To download the 2024 Strategic Planning Guide, visit https://www.joinc12.com/resource/tools/.

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