The C12 Framework for Building Great Business for a Greater Purpose.

Each day, business leaders face challenges, opportunities, and decisions with significant downstream impact. This considerable responsibility may cause them to feel lonely at the top. The weight can be immense, but so is the reward—particularly in pursuit of honoring God by how they run their companies. Eliminating the daylight between our faith and work requires diligence.

For three decades, C12’s singular focus has been to create a framework that compels and equips Christian business leaders to achieve excellence through the power of peers.

C12 helps CEOs and executives calibrate the entirety of their businesses through its signature 5-Point Alignment Matrix: continually evaluating and aligning growth strategies, financial stewardship, cultural development, and operations. Our rigorous, interactive curriculum empowers C12 members to dive headfirst into the challenges and opportunities of today’s marketplace.

The C12 experience is different because every C12 member views their business as a platform from which they can produce a Kingdom impact in the marketplace—a platform we refer to as a Business as a Ministry (BaaM).

C12 is designed with a perpetual discipline of assessment, planning, calibration, and coordinated action.

Together, companies rise to market leading levels of employee engagement and performance, customer satisfaction, operational fitness, financial well-being, and cultural vibrancy—and unleash uncommon eternal impact.

C12 illustrates this process with its BaaM Framework. Our strategic planning disciplines encompass the entirety of a business and encourage specific goals and strategies for each dimension of the 5-Point Alignment Matrix (5PAM).

A business can be great and accomplish its greater purpose by fulfilling each layer of the Framework—anchoring in biblical core principles, identifying an annual primary focus, setting objectives for each area of the business that support the primary focus, defining measurable goals for the objectives, and executing the necessary actions.

Leaders who build and reinforce a strategic plan based upon this framework equip their organizations with meaningful work and critical direction. This alignment leads to improvements in employee engagement, decision-making, and business performance.

Results matter. C12 does not condone the status quo, because without margin, the mission stands still. We believe that what we do is greater than what we say, which we assert with our call to action Do > talk

The Story of C12

Founded in 1992 by Buck Jacobs in Tampa, Florida, C12 has grown from three local Peer Advisory Groups to the nation’s largest network of Christian CEOs, business owners, and executives. C12 is a leader in the movement of God in and through the marketplace. Located in major metro areas across the United States, C12 Business Forums serves businesses with 10 to 10,000+ employees and annual revenues ranging from $2 million to $2 billion+.


We equip Christian CEOs and owners to build great businesses for a greater purpose.


To change the world by advancing the Gospel in the marketplace.


Jesus Christ is Lord, the whole Bible is wholly true, God has an eternal plan for each believer’s life, and that plan includes their business.

Core Values

Results Matter
God measures results and so should we. 

We embrace our calling in light of God’s grace with thanksgiving. 

Pressing On
We operate with a zeal for God’s best in all things, never settling, coasting, or quitting. 

We joyfully serve as a cadre, embracing God’s call to unity in Christ. 

We desire God’s best and are always open to learning and correction. 

Bema Mindset
We operate as stewards with eternal accountability in everything we do.

Leverage the power of peers.

Eliminate the daylight between your faith and your business.