Mike Sharrow

CEO and President
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Mike Sharrow

CEO and President

Mike Sharrow serves as the CEO of C12 Business Forums, the world’s largest peer-learning organization for Christian CEOs, business owners, and executives. Since assuming the role of CEO in 2016, Mike has led C12 to achieve remarkable growth, including a 217% increase in membership and an impressive 262% gain in revenue. C12 currently serves over 4,000 members spanning the United States, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Africa. Based in San Antonio, Texas, Mike leads the C12 headquarters team as they support nearly 200 full-time C12 Chairs to equip Christian CEOs and business owners to build great businesses for a greater purpose.

Before becoming the CEO of C12, Mike served as a C12 Principal Chair in Central Texas. During his tenure, he led the Central Texas region to experience remarkable growth by implementing a strategic plan focused on recruiting and empowering associate Chairs. Mike’s professional journey began with a series of entrepreneurial ventures, including a financial services startup and a subsidiary startup of Walgreens. Mike shifted gears and served as the associate pastor at Grace Point Church in San Antonio, Texas, for four years. During that time, Mike also launched TQ Strategies, serving as CEO for the management consulting business that offered fractional leadership and strategy work to companies in the enterprise healthcare sector.

Mike is a founding board member for the South Texas Alliance for Orphans, has founded and advised numerous other non-governmental organizations, and serves actively in his local church, Community Bible Church. Mike grew up in Alaska and currently resides in San Antonio with his wife, Jacqui, and their two daughters, Elayna and Sophia.

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Chief Operating Officer

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Vice President of Marketing

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Executive Assistant

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International Consultant

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Director of Corporate Operations

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Senior Field Consultant

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Senior Field Consultant

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Director of Content and Product

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Curriculum Manager

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Content Development Specialist

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Brand Manager

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Chair Acquisition Marketing Manager

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Marketing Coordinator

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Graphic Designer

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Business Intelligence Specialist

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Logistics Coordinator

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Mike Sharrow

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