Director of Content & Product

We’re looking for a qualified professional with expertise in content development, executive production, event and experience design and product development to join the C12HQ team. The best candidate will know how to provide strategic and creative direction to a team and set of processes involving instructional design, mission-advancing experiences, content publishing, videography, and product development innovation cycles.

Ideal Candidate Profile

Field Consultant

We are searching for a Field Consultant, who is responsible for stewarding the mission, goals, and objectives of C12, by supporting C12 Chairs around the country. Responsibilities of the Field Consultant include assisting Principal Chairs with the development and execution of plans at the market level, providing consulting, coaching and accountability to Principal Chairs on various aspects of leading a C12 practice.

Ideal Candidate Profile

Operations Coordinator

We’re looking for an experienced professional to join the Field Operations team as an Operations Coordinator. The best candidate will know how to execute top-notch internal training events, drive the execution of internal projects, and provide administrative assistance for department leadership.

Ideal Candidate Profile

C12 Chair of Business Forums

Full-time entrepreneurial venture in leading CEO and Key Player Business Forums, facilitating monthly meetings, one on one coaching sessions (FOCUS60), and marketplace leadership. Learn more about the C12 Chair opportunity or join us for an exclusive webinar for those exploring C12 peer advisory group leadership opportunities.

Lead a Forum

Join the C12 mission and help us equip Christian CEOs and owners to build great businesses for a greater purpose.

Our mission is crucial and we know we can advance faster when we have the right people in the right seats. Explore the opportunities available at C12HQ and in cities across the globe!