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Improve your business.

Results matter. Our format incorporates solid planning disciplines, agile frameworks, and peer counsel into a framework that anchors plans in a resilient, vision-driven scorecard. But, C12 is more like an ongoing fitness program for growth-minded leaders rather than an emergency room. It’s an investment into perpetual improvement. 

Receive and provide qualified advice.

Through monthly business and industry forums and FOCUS60 sessions, C12 members gain insight and wisdom from those who have ‘been there.’ Business issues are presented, weighed, and discussed with peers sharing a biblical perspective and common worldview.

Sharpen others and be sharpened.

The C12 approach to leadership development is not for everyone. Allowing others to speak into all areas of our lives as Christ-followers, including our business, requires humility, transparency, courage, and grit. It’s like having a personal board of advisors for all of life’s decisions and challenges, not just those in business.  

Increase your impact.

C12 helps break down the myth of being alone in the work of building the kingdom. Applying the BaaM (Business as a Ministry) framework can completely transform workplace cultures, unleash human flourishing, and foster purpose-driven engagement unlike anything else. 

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An elective peer gathering available to C12 members who share a similar business type or industry. Participation may be in-person or virtual but is not limited by geography.

A monthly personal coaching session led by a qualified C12 Chair who helps each CEO member develop and track personal and professional goals as well as refine organizational plans and strategies.

A monthly invitation-only gathering of qualified peers working through challenges, sharing ideas, and developing strategies in a non-competing, confidential environment.

Topical executive curriculum, case studies, videos, ebooks, leadership tools, resource organizations, seminars and workshops available to C12 members, all in alignment with and in support of the C12 BaaM (Business-as-a-Ministry) Framework.

A biennial gathering of the global C12 network, faith/work leaders, and guests. Attendees hear from current business leaders sharing best practices and ideas with actionable takeaways. As the largest gathering of Christian CEOs and executives, attendees leave both inspired and equipped.

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The C12 Key Player Program 

As C12 CEOs grow in their understanding of business excellence, they often experience challenges within their leadership teams. To address these challenges, the C12 Key Player Program was created. This program offers a peer Forum for the direct reports and key operational leaders of C12’s CEO members.

C12’s Key Player Program has proven to be valuable for member companies by enhancing team alignment around the company’s mission, vision, values, and strategy. Click here for more information.