Frequently Asked Questions

Learn About Becoming A C12 Chair

Has your journey of God forming you as a leader now led you to a place in your career where success for you could be enabling success for others? Perhaps you’ve been uniquely prepared to be a “missionpreneur”—a role that merges entrepreneurial leadership and dynamic missional impact in a for-profit business venture that yields success and significance. Watch and learn from these videos to understand more about what it means to be a C12 Chair.

Frequently Asked Questions About C12 Chairs

What do you love most about being a C12 Chair?
How did you decide to become a C12 Chair and what was your discernment journey like?
What makes a good C12 Chair?
We ask our Chairs to serve full-time; how did you process and reconcile that requirement?
What were some roadblocks you encountered as you started in this new role?
Tell us about your launch story. What did you experience when you started to operate your new forum(s)?
How has C12 HQ supported you on this journey? How have the other C12 Chairs supported you?
People wonder how they are able to support their families or make money in this role. What are your thoughts on having executive-level income potential as a C12 Chair?