C12 Business Forum
Membership Expectations & Application

Membership Qualifications

C12 membership is available on an invitation-only basis to Christian CEOs, business owners,  presidents, managing partners, executive directors, and/or business unit general managers responsible for at least 10 employees. 

Membership Expectations

C12 Business Forums meet monthly. All members must commit to faithfully attend at least 10 out of 12 Forums in a calendar year and never miss two months consecutively. (Proxy Forums may be available depending on local availability)

Members must agree to maintain strict confidentiality, never sharing another member’s business, relationships, or personal details outside their Business Forum. 

Soliciting other members for services or products is prohibited. Business relationships within C12 may occur naturally, but a Business Forum is not a lead-sharing or networking group. 

Members affirm the C12 doctrine statement and agree to refrain from divisive behavior while embracing the pursuit of God’s best in all things according to the Bible. 

Each member will agree upon a time and location to meet monthly with their C12 Chair for personalized goal setting, planning, and counsel (FOCUS60).

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