C12 Chair since 2005

Territory Served

Fantastic organizations don’t just happen, they are built by people who are passionate and intentional about their business or non-profit.

With a heart for leaders, God has called Chad Carter to his roots in Chattanooga and Cleveland, Tennessee to serve business leaders to build great businesses for a greater purpose in the East Tennessee region.

“I’m coming home to serve leaders through uncompromising and unapologetic Christian Biblical principles in their businesses. These principles yield predictable and dependable results. I can’t think of a better organization than C12 Business Forums to achieve the needed outcomes in my community.”

Chad serves as the Area Chair for C12 Business Forums in the Greater Chattanooga/Cleveland/N.GA region of East Tennessee.

Chad joined C12 as a member in 2016 in Nashville, TN while serving as a Human Resources and Business Executive for companies such as Mars Petcare U.S., Sony/Provident Music, Pet DRx Veterinary Corporation, and a consulting practice for healthcare providers.

Chad grew up in Chattanooga and attended Baylor School. As a Christian and the son of a business entrepreneur, Chad felt led to study business at Lee University in Cleveland, TN prior to moving to Nashville to lead human resources for these growing businesses. It was during these years that Chad discovered a deep passion for organizational health while coaching leaders to develop cohesive teams and engaged employees that achieve real and lasting results for their people and their organization. As a coach, Chad has guided numerous organizations into a healthy and flourishing landscape in which greater results are achieved and released in every channel of the business.

Chad possesses progressive experience in small, medium, and large-scale businesses ranging from 20 to 4,000+ employees across as many as 38 U.S. states and numerous countries.

Chad’s passion to help organizations grow healthier has helped him to deliver trusted results through people. He provides a practical focus on real business issues and moves from issues to relevant actions. He has authored, The Five Attributes: Essentials of Hiring and regularly speaks about The Predictive Hiring Model.