C12 Chair since 2005

Territory Served

Chuck is a Chair Emeritus, having been with the C12 Group since 2005.  Chuck combines his passion for serving Christ in the marketplace with a successful career as a business leader and business owner. He has served upwards of 100 business owners as a C12 Chairman – he has seen and experienced a lot of business and ministry challenges! As an entrepreneur, Chuck founded Pave Tech, Inc. in 1984, operating as a specialty contractor in the paving industry in Southern Indiana, Western Kentucky, and Southern Illinois. He sold the company in 2002, having created “repeatable and sustainable processes” as described by Michael Gerber in The E-Myth. As Chuck says it, “I got full market value for my company, provided continuity of success for the new owner, my employees, and our customers. Still, it was difficult to leave the company and the people that worked so diligently to build a great business. But God had something else in store for me. Now I get to help other business owners do what we did – with even greater purpose.” As a full-time C12 chairman, Chuck brings 15 years of experience of professional facilitation of C12 groups. As part of membership in C12 Chuck provides personal business coaching, and is a trusted accountability partner, encourager, and confidant. If you have been called to run a business as a follower of Christ we can help you get a clearer picture of how to do real God-honoring mission work through your business. Visit a C12 Group and enjoy the energy from other business owners. There is a noticeable humility around the C12 table. We are dedicated to helping each other with business wisdom and problem-solving from a higher view. C12 is America’s leading business forum for Christian chief executives and business owners, with 2500+ members worldwide. Experiencing the C12 Group in action is easy. And there is no obligation or cost for your visit. Chuck lives in Carmel Indiana with his wife Jane, a Nurse Practitioner at IU Health. They have four grown children and eleven grandchildren that provide more life lessons every day! Chuck enjoys playing golf, riding motorcycles, and hiking with Jane. He truly loves the game of business too and invites you to enjoy the dynamic C12 Group experience.