Dan Kish


C12 Chair since 2023

Territory Served

My life purpose is to glorify God by faithfully stewarding everything He has provided me – and to help others do the same. As a C12 member, I faced the issues of leading a business through a challenging transition, exploring what it meant to integrate my faith into my business, dealing with turmoil and brokenness in employees’ lives, and ultimately finding my own life spiraling out of control. It’s only by God’s grace that I had my C12 forum to walk with me through that season to encourage me, wrestle with me, and, when needed, hold me accountable. God used my C12 experience as the conduit to rescue me from my selfish ambition and stubbornness and show me how to better honor Him with my priorities. I’m still working at it. I’m passionate about sharing what He has shown me about stewarding our time and relationships by living balanced lives, stewarding our finances by allowing His blessings to freely flow through us, and stewarding our skills and businesses to achieve excellence and serve others.

My professional experience has taken me to multiple continents, working with businesses ranging from a multinational oil company in Angola to a small machinery manufacturer in southern Indiana. I spent the early part of my career in management consulting, returned to school for an MBA, and then discovered a passion for leading in small- and medium-sized businesses. I’ve since led two companies through turnarounds and helped several others tackle significant strategic and operational challenges.

I’m married to the inimitable Katie Kish. She is an awesome mom to our two kids, Levi and Grace, and she is the amazing wife that I definitely do not deserve. Katie has a huge heart for building and catalyzing community everywhere we go and brings all of the strategic whimsy to our family, which includes the ambitious goal of spending 1000 hours outside every year. In summer 2023, we followed God’s calling to move our family to Boise, Idaho to do our part in building C12 in the Treasure Valley. It’s our desire that every Christian business owner and CEO in the Valley will have the opportunity to hear about C12 and experience how it can impact their life, business, and eternity.