C12 Chair


Jeff has over 40 years of professional work and 10 years as a graduate level professor with Florida Tech University. More importantly, for over 30 years he has professed Jesus Christ though lifelong and expanding learning experiences by the grace of God. His government service includes military service as a Commander of an Army Field Artillery unit and training in Airborne, Ranger, and Pathfinder operations. His government research work was at the Army Aviation and Missile R&D Engineering Center and the Army Night Vision Lab as a general engineer. His related industrial work was at Booz Allen Hamilton as an Associate, at the University of Alabama Huntsville as a Research Scientist, at General Dynamics as a Director of Special Projects, and at Textron Defense Systems as Director of Advanced Programs. He is a graduate of West Point, the Army Production Engineering Intern Program, Texas A&M-Texarkana University, Nova Southeastern University, and the Air War College Seminar Program. He has founded and has led a Homeschool Academy in Alabama for over 20 years. The academy has successfully graduated over 300 students and impacted several families in their journeys. He has been blessed with four grown children from his first wife of 33 years who died of brain cancer in 2008. He was remarried in 2011 to Robin, an Army veteran also, who has three grown children for a blended family of seven grown children and nineteen grandchildren. Robin and Jeff live in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. They serve as Elders for a growing church and continue to fulfill the Lord’s Kingdom purpose in their lives and those they touch.

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