C12 Chair since 2011

Territory Served

Marc Martin is the Area Chair for the C12 Group in Madison and Central Wisconsin, facilitating multiple C12 Groups. In addition to leading the members through the once a month full day of peer interaction, Marc meets individually with each member for a 90-minute coaching and accountability session. He also provides ad hoc consulting to members when they have additional needs, primarily in the area of strategic and business plan creation and implementation. For nine years Marc was President, Chief Technology Officer and co-owner of three businesses based in Wausau, WI, RMM Solutions Inc., an information technology provider. The IT company has provided solutions and services to Wisconsin businesses, schools, and local government entities for over 16 years.  Marc began working in the field of information technology in the mid-1980s while serving in the U.S. Air Force.  For the last 20+ plus years, he has worked in the IT provider industry primarily managing technical services staff and helping them grow their technical and customer service skills.  Marc functioned as a virtual Chief Information Officer for a number of clients, helping them choose appropriate information technology for their business operations, with the goal of helping these organizations achieve their goals. Marc is a lifelong learner and has sharpened his leadership skills by participating in two CEO peer groups in which he benefited from interacting with other CEOs and business owners while receiving regular education on a number of topics by experts in their respective fields.  He brings that knowledge and experience to his role as C12 Chair.  Marc is excited about helping other business owners thrive and use the businesses that God has blessed them with to be vehicles to further His Kingdom.