Territory Served

One of Mark’s key strength’s is being able to bring order to difficult situations. He thrives in turning chaos into order. Mark spent 20 plus years as an entrepreneur and insurance agency owner, using insurance and financial solutions to serve clients in some of the most challenging environments in the world. As a result of this international exposure, Mark has worked with Fortune 100 companies all the way to smaller start-ups. These experiences have shaped Mark to be an intent listener. Mark is able to draw out the right questions enabling an owner or their team towards a solution they’ve developed together. A key component is to communicate what a CEO or owner needs to hear but may not necessarily want to hear. Mark does not avoid those crucial and essential conversations. Starting as most agents, Mark was able to work through the ranks doubling the size of the agency he worked at in two years. He was rewarded with ownership by growing the agency footprint from four states to fourteen. During this time, he dealt with global and local recessions and helping clients survive the tech bubble as well as the mortgage melt down. Most recently, he has worked with teams that have had to deal with the COVID surprise and was fortunate enough to have remote offices thereby lacking the need for brick-and-mortar locations. Understanding this helped Mark bridge the gap for a number of local business owners during this time of unforeseen crisis. God has prepared Mark well for this season in life. In Mark’s words, “God has made me for as time such as this, to use my gifts and talents to help others excel and face their own challenges.” After selling his book of business, Mark spent time consulting and found it lacking. Staying in contact with his C12 cadre, Mark was encouraged to look at the calling of a C12 Chair. And he responded to that call. It is Mark’s final goal in life to help other business owners Build Great Businesses for a Greater Purpose.. Mark will be the first to say he has not figured it all out, but that he has learned that preparing for a loss is often more important than dealing with a loss. Therefore, by God’s grace Mark is committed to fulfill this final mission and calling with courage and valor hearing the words, “Well done faithful servant.” The most cherished part of Mark’s life is family; He has been blessed with the gift of raising two children who have both been homeschooled along with his wife Kristin of over 25 years. In Mark’s words, “There is nothing more important than God, Family, and Country.” When Mark is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, reading, mountain biking, and helping other business owners with challenges they face. Welcome to the C12 Chair Core!