Robbie Johnson


C12 Chair since 2024

Territory Served

Robbie Johnson is a native of Northeast Florida and has lived in Gainesville, FL for 27 years. Robbie moved to Gainesville to attend the University of Florida, started following Jesus as a college student in 1998, and graduated the university of Florida in 2000 with a degree in Economics. After graduating UF, Robbie served in a low income neighborhood for 2 years as he was trained for ministry. He then served with Greenhouse church for 20 years as youth pastor and Executive Pastor. He met his wife Amanda in 2000 and they were married in 2002. They have 2 kids – Anna and Matthew. Robbie received his ordination for ministry in 2012 and completed his master’s degree in Leadership from Southeastern University in 2019.

Prior to joining C12, Robbie served as Executive Pastor in Greenhouse Church, responsible for talent advancement, financial management of a $6 million annual revenue, board development, 5 church locations, strategic planning and 45 employees. Under his leadership, Greenhouse Church grew from $1.5 in annual revenue to $6m, expanded into 4 cities outside of Gainesville, launched a School of Ministry and built a $17m facility.  Robbie’s background also includes sales experience with  Enlight Energy Solar Company, strategic planning and sales agent responsibilities with University Realty and business consulting with various local businesses.

Robbie serves as chair  with C12 Business Forums in Gainesville, FL. C12 is the world’s largest peer-learning organization for Christian CEOs, business owners, and executives, serving 4,000 members throughout the United States and internationally. Robbie has been serving as a C12 Chair since February 2024 and currently serves 20 members in one  CEO forum and one key player forum.

Additionally,  Robbie is an active worshiper at Christ Community Church and serves on the board Grant Abundant Life. Robbie also speaks at various churches and events within the community.