The role of a C12 Chair is a full-time opportunity to lead groups of Christian CEOs, business owners, and key players, equipping them to build great businesses for a greater purpose.

An unexpected reason I love being a C12 Chair:

“the feeling of transformation, both in myself and others”

–Aaron Banks, Central Texas

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“the sky is the limit knowing the Lord is for us and working through us”

–Danielle Whah, West Michigan

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“the ability to be fully myself while providing abundantly for my family”

–Matt Tucker, Boise

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Success and Significance

While the church plays a significant role in spreading the gospel, the reality is that business leaders have a substantially greater opportunity to influence those they engage with at work.

Pastors in the US will interact with 8.8 million nominal Christians and non-believer attendees per year with an average of 12 hours of influence with each.1

Christian business owners in the US will interact with 118.1M nominal Christians and nonbeliever employees per year with an average of 2080 hours of influence with each.2

In addition to the significant need for discipleship among Christians in business, there is tremendous demand at the leadership level. Together, we are a powerful proposition for Kingdom impact and vocational satisfaction.


One aspect of the C12 model that is distinctly different from many alternatives is that this is a full-time venture of a locally owned and operated business. A full-time focus allows Chairs to

increase their availability and impact
generate a professional-level income
build equity in a sustainable business

Perhaps you have been uniquely developed to be a C12 Chair. The opportunity is to join God in His work and guide members to eternal impact, business fruitfulness, personal satisfaction, and world change.

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