2023 Strategic Planning Guide

The CEO’s Step-by-Step Guide for a Strategic Planning Offsite

An annual strategic planning process is an essential practice for every business. Strategic plans help us create an inspiring vision for the future.

It’s not easy.

At C12, we recommend an annual strategic planning offsite. During this critical time, executive teams will engage in a process to identify the business’ strengths and weaknesses, factor in the economic environment, develop an inspiring long-term vision, and agree upon short-term milestones.

C12’s Annual Strategic Planning Guide contains a comprehensive set of tools to equip CEOs and business owners to design their own strategic planning offsites. Anchored in best practices and biblical principles, the guide contains a step-by-step process for both novice and veteran planners to adapt as is appropriate in their situations.

Download C12’s 2023 Strategic Planning Guide to design your strategic planning offsite.