Abundant Life Assessment & Goal Planning Tool from C12


Excelling in balanced scorecards and disruptive innovation holds its importance, but how we define and pursue success should not come at the expense of our balanced well-being and identity in Christ. Even amid a global pandemic or economic recession that threatens our businesses, we must choose to prioritize according to God’s Word and trust Him for the results. We remind ourselves of God’s priorities and shape our life accordingly by using C12’s balance wheel diagram.

Perfection is not attainable or sustainable, but aiming for a “perfect 10” in each area of this wheel embraces a continuous journey toward a healthy, flourishing, and “abundant” life. What must be different by the end of the year for us to experience that?

Our Abundant Life Assessment Tool and Goal Planning Worksheet will help you develop realistic but ambitious goals to reach your end-of-year vision. Capture your ideas in one place and reference them throughout the year as challenges or opportunities arise to maintain your focus and renew your energy.