A Business as a Ministry Handbook for Christian Owners and CEOs

Free Download of Chapter 1 from A Light Shines Bright in Babylon

The True “Rollover”

Too many followers of Jesus live in suspended animation, not knowing how to connect their identity in Christ with their vocation in business. This syndrome is even more acute if you are a chief executive officer (CEO) or own a business.

As C12’s founder, Buck Jacob’s vision is for businesses led by Christians to shine brightly as God’s beacons in a dark marketplace. God has used Buck’s mentorship to supply the awakening, encouragement, and resources that Christian leaders desperately need for their stewardship journey. Since the 1990s, this book has impacted thousands of leaders across North America, South America, Asia, and Europe.

Download the first chapter of Light Shines Bright in Babylon, “A True Rollover”, to read Buck’s challenge that leaders activate a true “rollover” in their business – exchanging earthly value for eternal value.

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