A Christian Business Guide on Talent Acquisition Strategy, Part 1

David ran a structural engineering firm, and business was booming, but he could not scale up his staff to complete the new work and meet customers’ deadlines…

Enhance your company’s talent acquisition strategy to gain a leading edge on sourcing top performers.

Does David’s talent shortage sound familiar? Do you struggle to capture the attention of top performers to fill critical positions that have been vacant for weeks, months, or even years?

The number of unemployed people available per job opening has been in decline for the last decade, accentuating the risks and rewards for employers with effective talent acquisition.

The e-book guides you through these three strategies to position your company as a talent magnet:

  • Build an attractive culture where people want to work
  • Promote an appealing employer brand through social media and web presence
  • Recruit from 6 nontraditional talent pools

Become an employer of choice that retains its people by investing in employee growth.