A Christian Business Guide to Create Customer-Driven Teams

Second Mile Service as the Standard

Serving our customers well is the responsibility of our entire company.

With a foundation of mission alignment, targeted processes, intentional listening, and ongoing reinforcement and celebration, we are more likely to withstand the inevitable storms of business and keep customers delighted and loyal to our companies.

We likely share the desire to serve our customers well, but we may not be cultivating our teams to achieve our vision. A service-centric culture requires a leader’s intentional development of both people and processes.

Companies are pouring resources into building strong customer experiences, but we have created a FREE resource to help your company serve others with the “second-mile” standard we are called to.

Resource Snapshot:

  • The 5 Cs for creating a customer-driven team
  • How to model servant leadership
  • 5 strategies to surprise and delight customers
  • Case studies from best-in-class companies
  • Two takeaway tools to share with your teams