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It can be lonely at the top, but it doesn’t have to be.

We know leaders limit their potential when they lead from isolation. But, when surrounded by trusted advisors with a common goal and a biblical worldview, they can maximize performance and energize cultures. With faith as the foundation, this powerful group of peers meet in an exclusive, confidential forums around Asheville, Boone, and Blowing Rock to have their questions answered and their answers questioned.


Business Forum Leaders in the Western NC Area


Prior to becoming a Principal Chair with C12 Group, Scott Whitley was part of executive management in a Fortune 500…


Prior to becoming a Principal Chair with C12 Group, Scott Whitley was part of executive management in a Fortune 500 company and most recently managing partner of a start-up entrepreneurial organization. Having over 30 years within the financial services industry, Scott has gained experience, expertise, and insight in sales, marketing, business operations, strategic planning, P&L management, business succession, and acquisition.   A Registered Corporate Coach with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches®, Scott coached and consulted many independent advisors within the firm and facilitated scores of roundtable groups to aid advisory practices achieve success in business growth, team development, operational efficiencies, and work/life balance.   Feeling the Lord leading him on a new journey, Scott is following God’s calling to use his unique gifts and skill set to serve the marketplace for a greater purpose. As a C12 Principal Chair, Scott focuses on helping CEOs, business owners, and executive leaders throughout Western North Carolina live out Christ’s plan for their lives, their businesses, and their families.  One of Scott’s passions is mentoring and ministering to young people.  He teaches as a volunteer at Asheville Christian Academy, has been involved with non-profit organizations, facilitated church plants, and served on various ministry teams.  Scott holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Winthrop University and a Masters of Education at East Carolina University.  He and his wife of 35 years and their 2 married sons call the mountains of Asheville home.


Have you ever wondered why you feel that there is more that you can or should be doing with your…


Have you ever wondered why you feel that there is more that you can or should be doing with your company?  Scott Van Ness is a C12 Chair in Western North Carolina who can help answer that question.   Scott Van Ness is a recovering attorney who spent 28 years helping businesses and individuals set up and run successful operations, purchase and lease residential and commercial property, manage property, and resolve conflict both legally and biblically.  He is a seasoned real estate investor, licensed real estate broker, and long-time landlord.  He has run the finance department for a $5 million dollar a year pest control company.  Scott has served on multiple non-profit boards as an executive member as well as president and treasurer. Scott Van Ness has been trained as both conflict coach and a mediator by Peacemakers Ministries, as well as a Money Map coach by Crown Ministries.  Scott has been called to help you work on your business instead of just in it.  His life mission is to encourage, empower and equip people to live life God’s way.  His work mission is to equip Christian CEOs and business owners to create GREAT businesses for a GREATER purpose.  Scott Van Ness is a husband to Kristin; a father to Alex, Andrew, and Mike; and a step-father to Zak, Cody, and Kylie.  He spends his free time officiating football games, swimming, boating, and trying to find ways to help others find their passion in life.   If you are interested in what God can do in and through your business and want to learn more, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and let’s see what comes next.  What are you waiting for?


Graduate of Central Bible College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication. As I attended Bible College, I knew…


Graduate of Central Bible College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication. As I attended Bible College, I knew I wanted to grow my knowledge of scripture, but I knew that I was never called to traditional ministry and wanted a degree that I would be able to use in any line of work that God led me to.  My work experience has taught me sales, middle and senior management experience that has given me a diverse knowledge of working with customers, peers, and subordinates. In 2013 I was hired on as a Director of Operations of a $4 Million a year roofing company and within two years promoted to the Vice President. During my time there we were able to grow the company to over $25 Million. My responsibility was to develop and maintain the infrastructure for the company to grow as we would take on larger projects, hire support staff and workers to complete the projects, implement technology platforms, develop a Safety Program & enforcement, and HR Department. In the first few years I wore many hats from Project Manager, Safety Inspector, and Operations Manager. I quickly realized that I needed to grow other leaders to share my responsibilities.  My focus on leadership changed from creating followers to creating leaders. To lead a growing company, I had to pour into those under my supervision so they could pour into others and all share responsibilities.   As a Christian I was taught from an early age by my father that our mission field is wherever we are at that time. I was able to share Christ with those that I worked with and pray for them as I lead them, I cared for not just the work they did but them as a whole person, their families, and circumstances.  After eight and half years it was time for a new challenge with a different focus and I knew I wanted to spend my time and talents on helping other businesses grow by develop their company leaders. In the summer of 2021, I launched Foundation Leadership LLC. During that time, I became a Certified Maxwell Leadership Coach and Trainer. John C. Maxwell is one of the biggest names in leadership I knew that I could learn and help others grow the leaders around them and I wanted to be a certified Maxwell Leadership Coach.  I have helped businesses successfully launch trade apprenticeship programs through the local community college to attract and train their workforce as well as to teach leadership development. As a business coach I have helped Owners & CEOs navigate their business decisions and making the right choice for them to guide them to coaching their teams in the right directions.  The summer of 2022 I started exploring the opportunity of working with C12 as a Business and Ministry. As I prayed and sought the will of God in prayer, I felt drawn to partnering with the C12 and working together to further the Kingdom of God in the Business World. 

“C12 is everything I was looking for and more of what I didn’t know I needed. My peers challenge me in my blind spots, love me in hard times, and encourage me to glorify God in the way I lead my team. It’s a home for business leaders.”

Brittany Zeller, founder and director of Tiny Feet Early Intervention / South Carolina C12 member

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