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A Culture of Love: The Upside to Untapped Talent

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The labor market is tight. “Help Wanted” signs dot the landscape. And yet, a deep untapped talent pool exists for employers willing to take an uncommon and loving approach to entry-level hiring. Matt Cuff built an exceptional workforce by sourcing employees from non-traditional backgrounds, specifically candidates who were formerly incarcerated or living in poverty. Ten years in, Just Q’in is experiencing a triple-win that many other companies only dream about: employee life transformation, ownership mindsets, and intense loyalty. Matt will share his best practices for sourcing, onboarding, and supporting the unique needs of these employees and share stories about the ways they became a powerful force in building corporate culture.

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Matt Cuff

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Matt Cuff

Matt Cuff

Matt Cuff is the founder and owner of Just Q’in BBQ, a restaurant and catering company located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Launched as a food truck in 2009, Just Q’in moved to a permanent location in 2011. A recent feature on The Cooking Channel show Food Paradise described Matt’s barbeque as one of the country’s “tastiest, most mouth-watering, and decadent meals.” Just Q’in was founded with the motto “Faith, Love, and BBQ” and is known for hiring, developing, and training individuals with barriers to employment. Matt also serves as chairman of the board for the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation.