A Second Chance: Responding Differently to Signs of Recession

November 2022 Case Study


While economists debate the definition of “recession,” businesses are feeling pressure from rising inflation, higher energy and labor costs, increasing interest rates, and the global stock market decline. With financial pessimism on the rise and economic dashboards simultaneously flashing red and green lights, how will we lead? In 2007, Lee was riding the winds of the real estate industry straight to success. As the winds shifted, he did not, assuming that the market would return quickly. It didn’t, and he lost everything. He has since recovered the business. As signs of a recession show again, Lee is leading with new perspective and renewed faith. We improve the likelihood of navigating a crisis tomorrow by preparing for it today. Instead of being victims, we can make decisions proactively and enter the storm with confidence, resolve, and a plan, all while leaning into faith over fear.

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