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Beauty for Ashes: How Crisis Inspired Us to Rethink Everything

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In 2013, Harmony Women’s Care was totally destroyed by fire. In the aftermath, Rachel Nguyen and her team decided to “rethink everything”. They implemented major operational changes that resulted in Harmony becoming exponentially more effective in achieving its mission. For most business owners, a deep look at operations reveals outdated processes and beliefs that hinder the company’s true potential. In this session, Rachel will walk you through the steps she took to reimagine her organization – and help you see how you can reimagine yours without the “benefit” of a crisis.

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Rachel Nguyen

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Rachel Nguyen

Rachel Nguyen

Rachel Nguyen is the executive director of Harmony Women’s Care, a Christian pregnancy center in Rhode Island. Following a devastating fire in 2013, Rachel led her team to take a fresh look at the organization. Focusing on continuous improvement and measurable results, she positioned Harmony to have a growing impact on their community. The results: a streamlined patient process designed to end the demand for abortion by bringing women to Christ and empowering them to choose life. Since launching the program in 2016, nearly 400 women have accepted Christ, and the number of at-risk women choosing life has increased by 287%.