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Explosive Growth: Creating an Irresistible Company Culture

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Leading a company that has grown from 4 partners to 350+ people in four offices across the Southeast in the last three years, Travis will reveal the foundation of this incredible growth. He will unpack the essential elements of a company that multiplies and a culture that sustains, and he will provide an inside look into practical tools to set up a company for exponential and sustainable scalability.


Travis Penfield

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Travis Penfield

Travis Penfield

Travis Penfield is the founder and CEO of 49 Financial and has been a Member of C12 since 2018. Travis started his career as a financial advisor at AXA Advisors, and under his leadership, his group broke all the records in hiring, retention, and development in a well-established and long-standing company. In October of 2019, Travis started an independent financial planning firm. As a privately owned and fully independent company, 49Financial grew to more than 250 advisors in its first official year of operation. Travis lives in Austin with his wife Jaclyn and their daughters Charlotte and Olivia.