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Financial Management Today: Don’t Distress, Press

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Over the past three years, the economic climate has been challenging for many business owners: a pandemic, an uncertain political climate, the great resignation, and a looming recession. And yet Lee Arnold’s mid-sized real estate company achieved a 234% profit margin increase in the midst of this chaos. Lee will walk you through the six bold financial management strategies his team took to thrive in this season. This session will cover alternative business funding vehicles, a quick liquidity test, a recession preparation checklist, and a recession risk assessment to ensure your financials are in good order and your company is prepared for any economic challenge.

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  • 2023
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Lee Arnold

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Lee Arnold

Lee Arnold

Lee Arnold is a real estate investor, developer, trainer, international speaker, and best-selling author who has spent years perfecting the real estate investing and private money lending process.

As CEO of several multi-million dollar enterprises and the chairman of several private equity funds, Lee has facilitated billions of dollars in real estate transactions across the country as a buyer, lender, and consultant. His current success is the result of rebuilding after he lost everything in the real estate market crash of 2008.

Prompted by that experience, he and his wife founded He’s The Solution Ministries, a global nonprofit that helps entrepreneurs live out the truth that God is the CEO of all. They also host the annual Be Bold For Jesus conference to provide discipleship training to Christians from all around the world to grow in boldness for faith.