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How to Take a Month Off and Have Your Business Still Grow

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Could you take a month off from work and know your business will not only survive but maybe even thrive? Far too often, we find ourselves putting out one fire after another, with our focus time rapidly depleting. We attend meetings, seminars, and conferences and gain great insights and ideas yet struggle to implement them. We’re stuck in a system and a rhythm. To get unstuck, Erik will help us discover ways to work less in the business and set aside time to work on the business by providing practical steps to reduce our role as company firefighters.


Erik Reagan

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Erik Reagan

Erik Reagan

Erik Reagan is the COO of Focus Lab and has been a C12 Member since 2019. Erik’s career has been an evolution from musician to developer to entrepreneur. He has a variety of interests, but what ties them all together is a hunger to learn how and why things work. What was once “How does this chord progression work?” turned into “How does a dependable website get built?” and eventually became “What does it take to build and sustain a great company?” His faith informs his work and leadership heavily, and his goal, first and foremost, is stewarding them in a way that honors God.