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Impact Beyond: Brandon Christensen

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God is capable of accomplishing immeasurably more than we can ever expect or imagine (Eph. 3:20). This video series features the stories of leaders who have surrendered their lives and work to the Lord and are effecting an impact far beyond the limited vision they had for their leadership, businesses, and communities.

How might God be inviting you to surrender your plans and expand your vision to have an impact beyond what you currently see as possible?


Brandon Christensen

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Brandon Christensen

Brandon Christensen

Brandon Christensen is the president of Adilstone Group, a global talent acquisition and service provider who is reimagining recruitment to create ideal employment matches. Bringing his 25 years of expertise in leadership, recruiting, and international business, Brandon leads Adilstone in partnering with businesses to help them scale and place employees in the Middle East and around the world. Under Brandon’s leadership, Adilstone celebrated its best year yet in 2021, amid the pandemic, and is poised for even more growth. Brandon lives in Newnan, Georgia, and loves spending time with his wife and two daughters, watching and playing sports, and traveling the world.