Impact Beyond: Dr. Kah Hooi Lim

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Impact Beyond: Dr. Kah Hooi Lim

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Dr. Kah Hooi Lim envisions marketplace transformation in Malaysia (a majority Muslim nation) through Christian entrepreneurs. As the area’s C12 Principal Chair and founder of multiple Bible-based business initiatives, he courageously leads a thriving faith-driven community in a challenging environment.


About Impact Beyond

God is capable of accomplishing immeasurably more than we can ever expect or imagine (Eph. 3:20). This video series features the stories of leaders who have surrendered their lives and work to the Lord and are effecting an impact far beyond the limited vision they had for their leadership, businesses, and communities.

How might God be inviting you to surrender your plans and expand your vision to have an impact beyond what you currently see as possible?

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Dr. Kah Hooi Lim

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Dr. Kah Hooi Lim

Dr. Kah Hooi Lim

Dr. Kah Hooi Lim leads C12 in Malaysia and Singapore as the area’s Managing Chair. Coaching CEOs and business leaders for 25 years, Kah Hooi has courageously built a thriving faith-based entrepreneurship community in a challenging faith environment. He co-founded The Encubator with a vision to transform the marketplace in the majority Muslim nation of Malaysia through biblical entrepreneurs. He also helped launch the Emmaus Business School (EBS) and has lectured on his Biblical Entrepreneurship model in four countries.

He and his wife Peggy have been married for forty-four years and have three children and four grandchildren.