Kingdom Economics For Employee Compensation & Benefits

February 2023 Case Study


Attracting and retaining talent remain top priorities for employers, and compensation and benefits remain top priorities for employees. The Bible has much to say on these topics, including principles of justice, rewards, and stewardship. While there is no one-size-fits-all compensation and benefits solution, many tools and options are at a leader’s disposal to develop custom, effective packages. As Christians, we can view employee benefits beyond simply meeting minimum requirements or matching industry standards. We have an opportunity to consider how benefits can convey the values and quality of life we desire for our team members and ensure we offer benefits that they care about and use. David and Tanis Jamar lead J Bar Enterprises, LLC. They have faced the same competitive challenges as many business leaders regarding wage increases and employee retention. Influenced by their personal experiences and biblical convictions, the Jamars take a thoughtful approach to employee benefits that allow the business to stand out in its industry and care for employees.

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