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Messaging to Win in Sales, Retention, and Recruitment

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Thriving companies reach customers and motivate employees by identifying the core purpose for the business and communicating it effectively. The key is developing the right message for the right audience–and too few companies get it right. Dean Harrington built a leading mortgage business by unleashing the power of internal and external messaging. In this session, Dean will help us fire-test our messaging and teach us how to attract the most profitable employees and customers.

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Dean Harrington

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Dean Harrington

Dean Harrington

Dean Harrington is the founder and “chief repenting officer” of Shamrock Home Loans, a regional residential mortgage lending company located in Providence, Rhode Island. As the former president of Rhode Island Mortgage Bankers Association, The Banker & Tradesman recognized Dean as one of New England’s most influential mortgage executives. With his emphasis on culture, vision, and strategic alignment, Shamrock consistently ranks as a top mortgage employer. They ranked second as “Best Mortgage Company to Work For” by the National Mortgage News and as one of “The Best & Brightest Companies” for eight consecutive years by Mortgage Professionals Magazine.