Replicating Good Works: Strategic Planning Aligned with God’s Plan

September 2022 Case Study


Stewarding a Business as a Ministry (BaaM) requires developing, communicating, and executing a strategic plan that considers all areas of the business. Leaders who build and reinforce a strategic plan empower their teams with meaningful work, critical direction, and organizational alignment, allowing their company to scale and progress toward its vision. Good Works, Inc. is a non-profit construction company based in Coatesville, PA. Bob Beggs succeeded the founder as Executive Director, an honor and responsibility he takes very seriously! Drawing from his long career with the world’s largest aerospace company, Bob knew implementing a robust strategic planning process would be key to his successful succession. He also knew seeking God’s guidance would be key to leading the company into the next season. Since the transition, the company has expanded its vision, increased its reach, and had a significant impact on its customers and 1,500+ volunteers. Watch the video to hear all four key steps of Bob’s strategic planning process.

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