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Scaling 10X Without Going Crazy

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How do you balance a life of parenthood, sustaining and God-honoring marriage, and scaling a labor-intensive business 10X all while implementing life-changing ministry through your company? Lilian has proven it is possible. Even in a tight labor market and an industry notorious for high turnover, Lilian learned how to retain and develop high performance talent while pressured by thin margins. With all of the spinning plates, learn how she kept her priorities straight and focused on the things that matter.


Lilian Radke

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Lilian Radke

Lilian Radke

Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Lilian moved to the US in 2003 to attend the University of Arkansas on a volleyball scholarship. After graduation she began a successful career in sales and business development. When her husband wanted to leave the commercial cleaning business in 2011 to start another company, Lilian took over Unic Pro with only four clients, six employees, and an average annual revenue of $350,000. Today the company has over 160 employees and more than half a million dollars in monthly revenue. In an industry where employee turnover is typically 85%, she averages just 13.5%. Lilian was just named the Top Woman Small Business Owner in Massachusetts by the U.S. Small Business Administration based on her rapid growth and job creation.