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Scaling Your Business for a Greater Purpose

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Brittany Zeller leads the fast-paced growth of Tiny Feet, a company that has more than doubled revenue and staff every year for the past five years. Scaling at an exponential pace poses a multitude of challenges. As Jim Collins so eloquently stated, “If a company grows revenue faster than its ability to get the right people to implement that growth, it will not simply stagnate, it will fall.” Heeding Collins’ warning, Brittany credits Tiny Feet’s sustainable scalability to a relentless focus on culture and employee growth. This session will provide practical steps and strategies you can use to scale your business and achieve great results for a greater purpose.

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Brittany Zeller

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Brittany Zeller

Brittany Zeller

In 2017, with a $1,000 investment earned from a yard sale, Brittany Zeller launched Tiny Feet Early Intervention to provide in-home educational therapy for children with disabilities in Greenville, South Carolina. Trained as a special education teacher and with a limited background in business, Brittany quickly scaled the business at a rate of 150% year-over-year to $1.9M in revenue for 2021, 35 employees, and plans for a 2023 expansion into two new markets. Her passions include organizational health, a flourishing workplace culture, and serving her clients with Christ-like care.