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Stewarding Transition Success

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Business transitions fail more often than they succeed. The three most challenging owner transitions are scale, sale, and succession. At this CURRENT21 Super Breakout session, you will have the opportunity to:rnrn• Learn about the purpose and mission of the 3Ten Coalition.rn• Hear success stories and lessons learned from a panel of owners who successfully sold or transitioned their business with the help of the 3Ten Coalition.rn• Participate in a Q&A following the presentation and panel discussion.rn• Meet and mingle with attending 3Ten Coalition advisors, investors, and buyers.rnrnSpecial Thanks to Our Sponsors: Trelus • Stewardship Legacy Coaching, LLC. • Brereton, Hanley & Co., Inc. • Texas Business Buyers • Racen Wealth Management • Garden City Companies • Orange Kiwi, LLC • National Christian Foundation