Strategic Planning: From Vision to Victory

September 2023 Case Study


We are stewards of our businesses. God is the Owner. The discipline of strategic planning is not a project to complete but an ongoing process to sustain year after year. It is like a muscle that will grow over time if exercised. Each year, we can strengthen our efforts and become more proficient in different aspects of the planning process.

When Jonathan Bailey, PS, learned about strategic planning in his Key Player Forum, he took it upon himself to walk the Wilson & Associates leadership team through the process. Over the course of several years, he helped the team develop core principles, a three-to-five-year strategic vision, and annual strategic objectives. This resulted in an aligned team executing at a high level and doing more business than ever to the glory of God. Effective stewardship, aligned with Business as a Ministry (BaaM) principles, requires that we engage in strategic planning. Whether we are veteran planners or novices, we can craft strategic plans and execute them, all with the goal of building great businesses for a greater purpose.

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