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Operating a successful and highly competitive Christian company in modern day society isn’t easy. Not every company has the reputation or reach of a Chick-fil-A or Hobby Lobby. So, how can we thrive in an industry, add value to people in the current socioeconomic context, and ensure God’s continued favor upon us when we are forced to make tough decisions?


Sam Thevanayagam

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Sam Thevanayagam

Sam Thevanayagam

Sam Thevanayagam is the president and CEO of three companies—Parts Life,Inc., DeVal Lifecycle Support, and LC Engineers—focused on aerospace and defense systems used with domestic and international military platforms. Born and raised in Sri Lanka, Sam moved to the US in his early 20s to earn aBachelor of Science in Marketing from Oral Roberts University. He worked for many years in the automotive aftermarket industry, and in 2007, Sam started Parts Life, Inc. Sam is a TEDx speaker and the author of The First 10 Runs in Singles: LifeLessons from the Game of Cricket. Recently, Sam launched the Micah CricketClub in Karachi, Pakistan, and The SamT Foundation.