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The Identity Business

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In this video, Brazilian husband-and-wife biotech entrepreneurs will share their transformation story of business-as-a-ministry in the midst of an unethical marketplace with corruption as an expected and commonplace business practice.


Ismael and Thaís Akiyama

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Ismael and Thaís Akiyama

Ismael and Thaís Akiyama

Ismael and Thaís Akiyama are founder and CEO of Akiyama, a Christian family-owned company that provides biometric identification solutions. The company was founded 15 years ago as a distributor and now develops its own unique biometric technology. Ismael and Thaís see their company as an instrument to fulfill their role in the Kingdom. Thaís is a leader in Levanta, an organization that helps female entrepreneurs grow their business and apply Kingdom vision to their companies. Ismael is a recipient of the National Entrepreneur of the Year award in the Emerging category by Ernst & Young.