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The Lean Shepherd

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As business owners, we desire greater efficiency for our companies with less waste, better processes, and teams that continuously learn. Evans Kariuki believes we lead as “lean shepherds” when we honor God and implement practices for operational excellence. Merging diverse talents, Evans serves both as a lean systems consultant and a bi-vocational pastor. He will share the biblical values behind lean principles and share best-in-class tools for waste reduction, data visualization, value stream management, and employee engagement.

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Evans Kariuki

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Evans Kariuki

Evans Kariuki

Evans Kariuki is the CEO of Circle K Supply Chain Solutions LLC and senior advisor at Ikanban Online, a project management software company. He says, “People are the backbone of any organization, and lean systems are the muscle.” His extensive career in lean processes began at Toyota, where he led teams to implement and streamline production systems. Now leading Circle K, his Lean Crisis Management Playbook has helped companies of all sizes achieve operational excellence by improving service levels, identifying cost savings, and excelling in profitability.