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The Predictive Hiring Model

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We know that one of the top drivers of organizational success is the quality of our employees. Many wonder how to attract and select outstanding talent that will be successful in their organization. Learn how to better predict success in the hiring process with a helpful model for filtering and vetting applicants.


Chad Carter

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Chad Carter

Chad Carter

Chad Carter is the Chief People Officer for the Gideons International and author of The Five Attributes: Essentials of Hiring. His 20+ years in the marketplace includes leadership of human resources and communications for the U.S. pet care division of M&M Mars, Sony/Provident Music Group and most recently a consulting practice for healthcare providers. With a heart for ministry, Chad made the change to lead human resources and a significant culture change for The Gideons International. Chad has a reputation through his writing and speaking of focusing on practical business issues and moves from issues to relevant actions and delivers results through people. Chad is a C12 Music City Member and currently serves on the Lee University Advisory Board for the School of Business, as well as the Advisory Board for Christian Leadership Alliance.