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This Moment: Building a Business to Love and Value People

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What if Christian CEOs and business owners loved their neighbors as themselves? What if followers of Jesus rejected the business-as-usual accumulation of wealth for shareholders and owners at the expense of employees? What if we shifted our focus from greed to love–love for God and love for people? At the height of the 2008 mortgage crisis, Casey Crawford founded Movement Mortgage to lead a movement of change in the lending industry, in other corporate communities, and in local communities. For Casey, it all comes back to the mission: “to love and value people in everything we do.”

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Casey Crawford

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Casey Crawford

Casey Crawford

Former Super Bowl champion Casey Crawford is the co-founder and CEO of Movement Mortgage, a $30 billion retail mortgage lender and a six-time member of the Inc. 5000 list. He is also the founder of Movement Schools, a network of tuition-free charter schools providing world-class education in underserved communities. Casey was a finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, received the HousingWire Vanguard award, and has been featured by national media outlets, including CNBC, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal.

An avid outdoorsman and Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor, Casey lives outside Charlotte, North Carolina, with his wife, Michelle, and daughters, Cadie and Josie.