Are you and your business exit ready?

The 3TEN Coalition empowers C12 members for purpose-driven growth and business transitions.

If you are contemplating an exit in the next one to five years, the 3TEN Coalition can support you with the content and resources to guide your journey.

How We Can Help

Explore Exit Options
Understand the options available for your exit based on your business and goals.

Values-Aligned Connections
Connect with vetted, trusted advisors and partners in the 3TEN ecosystem with expertise in M&A, Succession Planning, ESOP, Growth Capital, Buyout, Business Transitions, Recruiting, Financial Planning, Estate Planning, and more.

Valuation Insights
Understand the valuation and value drivers of your business.

Learn how to steward your legacy and mission.

How It Works

Answer one question at this link.

You’ll be contacted by a 3TEN liason to discuss your goals and needs.

They’ll connect you with content and resources that align with your priorities.

Know a capital provider or advisor who should be a part of the coalition?

Your Questions Answered

Do I have to know when I’m going to transition or sell to benefit from using the 3TEN Coalition?

The truth is, getting your business ready for transition, and at a valuation you want, may take some time. Getting your company exit ready doesn’t mean you have to exit right away -it means you have an improved version of your business if and when that time comes.

Does my business have to be a certain size or stage to benefit from the 3TEN Coalition?

No, the reality is that most businesses can benefit from being exit-ready and from the full range of 3TEN resources. The 3TEN Coalition has helped C12 members at all stages and of all sizes.

How can the 3TEN Partner Network help me?

Owners spend a lot of time and money trying to find and connect with trusted advisors and subject matter experts. The 3TEN Coalition is an ecosystem of vetted, trusted and values-aligned advisors in a wide range of areas. The team at Trelus can help clarify and assess needs and connect you to the right 3TEN advisors at the right time.

Is the process confidential? 

Yes, the preparation and transaction of an exit journey is best managed confidentially. As part of our service to you, both Trelus and our partner network are bound to confidentiality unless otherwise approved by you.

How does the 3TEN Coalition help with promoting business as a ministry?

The 3TEN Coalition network of advisors has all signed a covenant that prioritizes a faith-aligned approach to exiting your business. 

How does the partnership between 3TEN Coalition and Trelus work?

Trelus is the administrator of the 3TEN Coalition. As a trusted C12 partner, Trelus ensures that members have an unbiased support system to prepare for growth and successful exit.

Let the 3TEN Coalition help you grow and plan for your eventual transition. Get started on your legacy plan today.


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