C12 Chair since 2005

John is dedicated to helping people succeed, which means becoming what God created you to be. His career has combined ministry and business since college days. John started as a peer minister in a campus fellowship at Central Michigan University. Seminary followed with 6 years as a United Methodist pastor. During college and grad school he operated remodeling and painting businesses. Since 2007 John and his wife Julie have been on staff at Stones Church in Kalamazoo as Family Care Pastors. He also leads projects, planning, organizational development and staff meetings at Stones.

1998 saw an opportunity to begin a career in financial services. Starting as a solo entrepreneur, John added staff and partners. Over a 22-year career he founded three Registered Investment Advisors and lead the firm’s mergers and acquisitions efforts. When he sold his interest, the firm managed about $1.25 billion of client assets and comprised about 60 total staff including 15 partners.

In years past there was no C12 presence in West Michigan so John joined another peer advisory business roundtable. C12 combines the very best business fundamentals with Christian peers and a focus on eternal outcomes. This means C12 provides an incredible opportunity to help business leaders drive great economic results and transform their businesses into businesses as ministries.

John and Julie have four children and share a passion for bicycling and travel.